Wishtender Phone Chat Prices

Pay By Wishtender Phone Chat Prices

Select the time you want and send payment, no sign-up is needed. Then email me at the email below to arrange the best time to do the call. I am on usually from mid-afternoon to the early hours 6-7 am. Outwith these times I can arrange with you.

 Phone Chat live  Now With Miss Vonn

When you have mailed and are ready for the call, you can either send me your number or I will call you if within the Uk. Outwith the Uk I can do audio via Skype with you

Calls are £1.50 a minute so find the one nearest to your call length. Please note a couple of pounds extra have been added on top to cover their fees

so a tip of £18 is a 10 min call

So a tip of

£18 is a 10 min call click here to pay

£25.50 is a 15 min call Click here to pay

£33 is a 20-minute call Click here to pay

£48 is a 30 min call Click here to pay

£63 is a 40-minute call Click here to pay

£90 is a 1 hour call Click here to pay

Mistress &Master 20 minutes Click here to pay

Please email me once you had made the payment and I will contact you straight away to arrange a session, either email me ( ukmistresslive (@)yahoo.co.uk or fill in the booking form with your transaction receipt.

I do also accept bank transfers, cash apps and Amazon gift vouchers

You can also feel free to spoil me from my list and be a good boy or girl!

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