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Mistress Phone Chat With Mistress Vonn Kinky Domination & Humiliation UK Phone Sex Chat

I enjoy all areas of BDSM phone chat, from domination, humiliation, fetish, kink, fantasy, and roleplay.

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Domination Phone Sex With Mistress Vonn

Ready to be owned, controlled, dominated, and humiliated by a very experienced UK Mistress. I enjoy all types of BDSM Phone chat or sexting. No matter what level or experience you have I am here to guide you, train you, and take full control of you.

I also enjoy Taboo phone sex calls, and going deeper and darker into your dirty perversions. I am un shockable and have heard it all in the 23 years of being a Mistress

I enjoy all Mistress phone chat calls and am ready to take your call via the links below or a  booking, via the form below. My preferred method is via the link below


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You can also click the link below and use your credit card to pay for a session the items   that  say Tip  are the equivalent to phone sessions 


Calls are £1.50 a minute so find the one nearest to your call length. Please note a couple of pounds extra have been added on top to cover their fees

so a tip of £18  is a 10 min call

So a tip of

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Please email me once you have made the payment and I will contact you straight away to arrange a session, Either email me ( ukmistresslive (@)yahoo.co.uk or fill in the booking form with your transaction receipt.

I also accept bank transfers, cash apps and Amazon gift vouchers

You can also feel free to spoil me from my list and be a good boy or girl!

Spice up your night with a saucy phone call from Mistress Vonn. Let me take control and push your limits through erotic humiliation and domination. Your pleasure is my command. Why settle for average when you can have an unforgettable experience with a pro? Call now and let’s get those hands busy

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******The preferred way to chat is in a private phone call where we can be free to say what we want… click here to fill out the form*******

Once I receive the form, we will arrange the call; you will pay the fee of £1.50 a minute, with no extra than £1.50 a minute.

I will give you a direct number to call me, and that is it. This number will not be a premium rate number.

It will be a standard mobile number. So no scary, unexpected things show up on your bill. I can also do text services and sell items watch for my new page on that


 Scottish phone sex page here


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You Can Also Check out the Skype phone sex Mistresses here

Call Mistress Vonn for domination and humiliation by Phone.  I enjoy all areas of kink, fetish, domination, sissy play, risk play, cuckold and the list goes on. Looking for a long-term servitude plan?


Then call me on the site below.  I am always looking for new slaves and sissy girls to play with. From cruel domination to sensual, I also enjoy exploring with those who are new to the scene.

Domination Phone chat line with  a Mistress who has over 20 years in the BDSM Arena – The Best Mistress Phone Chat Line – 3 FREE MINUTES 

Find out why everyone follows me from site to site and becomes long-term permanent slaves and sissy sluts

You can also contact me privately to arrange a call however I do prefer the site above to take calls.



Once you have filled out the form below, I will reply, and we can arrange your call immediately. Please note I am around pretty much all the time, so I will respond quickly to your message and can do your call quickly.


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Once I receive the form, we will arrange the call; you will pay the fee of £1.50 a minute, with no extra than £1.50 a minute.

I will give you a direct number to call me, and that is it. This number will not be a premium rate number. It will be a standard mobile number. So no scary, unexpected things show up on your bill.


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Please read on to find out what a Mistress phone chat session will entail for you and how easy it is to call me on the number I give you once you have paid via your chosen method.


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I appreciate that it can be hard to speak sometimes or that you may just be shy or nervous and not want to speak much. Just indicate this and leave the rest to me.

** It’s always really helpful to Mistress when you tell her at the start of the call exactly what your kinks are





It makes for a much better call and means we can both get the most out of it. If you just want to explore new things then tell me that, and let me guide you into new kinky experiences.****

Mistress enjoys kinky dirty taboo phone chat and real humiliation be it exposure on her sites or exposure on Twitter – The best wank lines with a twist!

Can’t wait to dominate, humiliate, control, and explore with you My live adult phone/sex line is available and waiting to take your kinky phone sex/chat call now

**I am happy to watch you on cam if this is something you would like while we are talking on the phone if you do want this, then make sure you have Skype available so that I can watch you ****❤️

When you call let me know if you want to add me to Skype so I can watch you

This is only 1 way at the moment but in the future, I may send my cam as well.
I also really enjoy setting tasks especially risky outdoor play, so if you enjoy risky humiliating tasks or outings then be sure to call me. Public humiliation phone chat is in my top 5 favorite things to do on  the phone line

Mistress also enjoys prolonged edge play & gooning sessions having you edge and call back for new tasks, videos to watch, and assignments to do, etc.

Will you beat Mistress Vonn’s countdowns? – BYE-BYE BRAIN! Call my edgeplay line for live UK phonesex, ruined orgasm, post-orgasm torture, CEI PHONE CHAT, and more

I also enjoy watching Kinky Porn with you, so if you have a favorite kinky video you want us to watch together then let me know at the start of the call, Or have me select one for us!


About Me & MY Domination Phone Chat

Kinky Domination Phone Chat with UK Mistress Vonn an experienced Dominatrix of 22 years both in dungeons, Webcam, and Phone lines. I also had my sissy dressing service where sissy girls would come for a makeover and have their pictures taken and spend time with my other sissy girls.

I enjoy all types of adult phone chats and am always looking to explore new things. I enjoy risky play, public humiliation, pimping, and selling my sissy girls to the alpha daddies if need be.

I very much think outside the box type of Mistress and don’t go with the flow or the usual way of doing things, I like to spice it up so you don’t know what’s coming next!

I love all things BDSM and kink related from sissies, faggots, adult babies, beta bitches, Gooners, spanking, electrics, canings, cock and ball torture, prostate massage, puppy play, nipple torture, racial humiliation, and much more as listed below – Call my Live phone chat line and see for yourself just how much fun I have.

I am sadistic but don’t need to raise my voice to get what I want from a sub or sissy slut. I love domination & humiliation as well as fantasy role-play, Fetish Kinks, taboos, watersports, CEI, Precum play, chastity, mommy Domme and many more

***Are you ready to be my little sissy porn star?*** – Perhaps you are ready to work on some phonesex lines for me and start earning for me like a good sissy.

**Are you a dirty little panty sniffer and licker?**

***My naughty boy who has been sent to the Disciplinarian For spanking Therapy*** Over the-knee Spanking My specialty

**Ready to be my cuckold?*** Or cuckold for Mistress & Master? Perhaps you need to buy Mistress some sexy Lingerie for Master to enjoy as he torments you about it. We have done cuckold scenarios both in real and online – We love tormenting our cucks

***Naughty Adult baby that needs to be humiliated**** ABDL Mistress is waiting – The best abdl chat line with Nanny Vonn – Nappy humiliation, cuddle time, spankings, messy nappy, playtime, food time, Mommy domme is waiting

**** Maybe you need Mistress to humiliate you on her Twitter and add your pictures to all her sites and galleries*** Exposure is another love of Mistress Vonn’s

***Perhaps it’s time to confess all your dirty little secrets** Or perhaps I will just interrogate you and get what I want

**Do you have a strange out-of-the-ordinary, weird, bizarre roleplay you want me to act out? I love roleplays and will act it out exactly the way you think about it and more*****

Roleplay phonesex is always a winner for me

***Or maybe you need some Orgasm Control, post-orgasm torture, milking, chastity, forced orgasm, and many many more****

Ready to be my cumdump? Or ready to be your very own cum dump?

Anal stretching and Pegging – I love to use my strapons & give you plenty of orgasms, object play, and stretching. Look into the lovense ( it allows Mistress to control the anal play via an app) Boy do I have fun with that!

❤️Paypigs and financial domination are always welcome,

Ready to complete some tasks for Mistress?

Perhaps you need to be locked in chastity and need a Mistress to control this. The cellmate is a good one to buy for online control it allows Mistress to control it from an app.

Mistress loves ruined orgasm play with intense post-orgasm torture…

The more you tell me about yourself, the more power I hold.

I’ve always had a thing about delving into people’s minds. I love to find that tender spot and bring it out so I can play with it. It’s not always easy but the rewards are huge.

I have enormous respect for any submissive who is willing to put himself in such a vulnerable place. I believe that exposing your innermost fears and handing them on a plate for me to play with, is a strengthening process in the long run.

CBT from mild to lethal
Joi, edge, countdowns
Cei Tease and denial,
Orgasm control,
Chastity training,
Masturbation training,
Feminization – Sissy Play – Sissy Humiliation
Bi roleplay
Cock sucking training
strapon/anal training/prostate massage.
prostate training/milking/object play,
Humiliation/ sph, faggot, forced bi, splosh, outdoor humiliation, name-calling, bully tactics, and many many more
Findom – Oh how I love to drain my cash cows
Small cock humiliation,
cuckold scenarios,
Adult baby Humiliation,
ABDL Phone chat with Nanny Vonn
Forced Fem
Forced Bi
Verbal abuse,
Verbal humiliation,
Public humiliation,
Spanking Scenarios, flogging, caning
Beauty chats
Girlie chats
Sissy tasks – Ready to be given tasks?
and so many more

Live adult webcam rooms.  

❤️***Fetishes *****❤️
foot, shoe and boot worship, smoking fetish, trainer fetish, PVC, latex, leather fetish, cleavage fetish, balloon popping/blowing fetish, crushing fetish ie ( only on food), sploshing, armpit cleaner, Giantess, gas masks, hoods and so many more so just ask.

Bondage, Cuckolding made to Confront your Addiction to Other Men
Renting, Selling, Owning Men, Roleplay: Sissification, Makeup, dressing, tasks Crossdressing, Maid, Slut, Mummified
Face slapping, Caning, nipple torture, ball kicking stretching, etc
smothering, Spitting

❤️Out of the Ordinary & Unusual always welcome
Many more so just ask if it’s not on the list

domination phone chat

❤️Mistress Vonn is always waiting to own and control weak men. To get inside their heads and minds and make them addicted to me.

Still here?
Excellent! If you want to experience female domination for the first time or you are an experienced fetish/BDSM player, if you are looking for a sultry, mature Mistress then I Mistress Vonn welcome you to my tantalizing world of female domination.

Domination phone sex with a twist of humiliation, teasing and denial, gooning, strapon play, edging, and sissification.

These are the best chat lines to have live kinky adult phone chat in the UK. British Dominatrix for live 121 phone sex chat. Live chatlines for taboo, phonesex, fantasy chats,


See this link for prices and services.

Payments by, Wish Tender, Amazon Gift Voucher, or bank transfer.

Pay-by credit card service, so keep checking back if these are a preferred method for you.


mistress phone chat


Kinky Adult Phone Sex With A Busty British Girl/Mistress

Live adult webcam rooms.  

If you are looking for live fetish cams, click below.

I am Mistress Vonn, a Dominatrix from Scotland. I have been involved in the BDSM arena for over 20 years, in real-time scenarios in dungeons and online via webcam, phone chats, SMS, video clips, and many other areas. I have had many real-time sessions in the past, and although I am not currently doing real-time PRO-Domme, this is something I may come back to shortly.


Click here for Skype Mistress Cam Shows.


I not only do this for a living, but I also live the lifestyle of having a partner who is also my submissive. We attend many BDSM fetish clubs, travel to other fetish venues, and participate in the occasional BDSM Munch. He has been involved in the BDSM scene for many years and spends a lot of time writing about it for our many websites; he has also participated in many of my sessions in the past, as some of you will know!


He spends a lot of time marketing our many websites.

Kinky Adult Phone Sex With A Busty British Girl/Mistress

Who Is Mistress Vonn

Click here to read about  Mistress Vonn – phone sex sessions.

Scottish Femdom


If you want to call me to chat, then call the number in the picture below 

Mistress Vonn is waiting to take full control of you now

From my sadistic and twisted mind and my evil laugh as I watch you squirm, you will quickly understand how cruel, mean, and vindictive I can be in a live session with you.

When you are permitted to enter Mistress Vonn’s world of sensual sadism, there is one quality that you will require above all else – unquestioning obedience and devotion to me.

Check out the Live Fetish cams here.

Do not be under any illusions about what to expect. I am a lifestyle Domme passionate about BDSM and stretching the limits (and bodies) of those lucky enough to become My slaves. Power over men runs through my veins and has been nurtured by the strong women who have surrounded me throughout My life. Being dominant is as natural to me as breathing.

mistress vonn, mistress vonn phone sex


Nothing makes Me happier, though than seeing an enamoured submissive cowering at My feet. I love men who know their place and have exciting and imaginative ideas about how to serve Me, whose energy I can feed off as we uncover their deepest and most twisted desires.

While I have a reputation for being “scary”, remember that once you become one of My slaves, we will have begun a journey of discovery. I will always respect your limits as you surrender to My complete control. Mutual trust is essential in a Mistress/ slave relationship, and I will never undermine or abuse that.

But first and foremost, I am a Mistress of dangerous desires, and when you are in My presence, you will understand that you are living on the edge of your seat but, at the same time, will be desperate for even more and for Me to push you further.

I have a high pain threshold and know how to use it at different levels. I can be cruel and harsh, but I can also be highly erotic and sensual.

I enjoy exploring new kinky ideas, fetishes, and taboos and can also use a slave/sissy in some of my cams or phone shows you book.

Looking for  Scottish Phone Sex?

phone domination

I have been a Dominatrix both online and offline for many years and am well-versed in all areas of BDSM and power exchange. No matter what type of session you are looking for, you can be assured that I will be able to guide and control you. I am primarily phone-based and will be back doing webcam again soon.

Pushing Boundaries – Yes, I am A boundary pusher

I enjoy pushing boundaries and owning my slaves, subs, and sissy girls. I enjoy every area of BDSM which you can see when in a webcam or phone chat session with me.

Check out  My wonderful friend Mistres’s site at Livebdsmcams.net

Uk Mistress Phone Sex Chats or Live Cams  Live Domination & Humiliation.

Domination, humiliation, BDSM, kink, fetish & taboo phone sex, and Skype webcam shows. Chat live with a strict, sadistic UK Dominatrix for cam-to-cam sex shows, fantasy chat, phone chat, slave training, sissy humiliation, financial domination, blackmail fantasy, JOI, edge play, CEI, CBT, and so much more.

If you have Skype and are ready to be controlled, owned, blackmailed, financially drained, verbally abused with chastity control, and more, then make sure you get in touch with Mistress Right Now.

Mistress enjoys many types of cam shows, from dressing sissy girls for cock sucking training, cuckold scenarios, forced Bisexual, faggot humiliation, adult baby and diaper lovers, as well as hundreds of fetishes, so look around the site and get to know me, then message for your live session.