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Ready to get SMS sex text Bdsm Instructions< Ready to speak with a real person and not a fantasy fake persona you see on all the other SMS sites? Then book with me now for the naughtiest, kinkiest, dirtiest sex texting service. Just buy the credits you want, drop me an email and then the fun will begin. Get ready for the best Domination Sex Text Chat

UK Sexting Private services mobile to mobile

You can also use these texting chats on Skype instead of via a phone if you prefer I am happy to   type via Skype or WhatsApp or any other type of service you prefer to use 

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40 messages for £33  Click here
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65 messages for £53 Click here
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My email ( ukmistresslive(@) to arrange a bank transfer or tip me using the links above . Once paid you can mail me to arrange our time


***Wishtender are in the process of updating their credit card processor so I am unable to take that at the moment.**** Hopefully they will have it sorted soon

In the meantime, I can accept bank transfer Amazon vouchers or click the link below and join which is just an email and we can arrange a time for me to be online to take your call

Click Here To Join.

Once you have joined you buy some credits and let me know a time for me to be available for you. You can also send me a tip via that site and we can do a call

Please email me once you have made the payment and I will contact you straight away to arrange a session, either email me ( ukmistresslive (@) or fill in the booking form with your transaction receipt.

I also accept bank transfers, Amazon gift vouchers, sospoilt payments

For private call-back phone sex click here



Questions and Answers are at the bottom of the page please read them before mailing me 

Submit to UK Mistress For Dirty Text Message Tasks

You’re feeling submissive, eager to submit and want to connect with a Mistress for some BDSM and Femdom action? Ready to have an SMS text chat, Get humiliating Tasks, Joi instructions, and swap dirty text messages? Submit to me now for Hardcore Domination Text Chat

Rather than swiping through phone or webcam sites hoping to find a match, text me, Mistress Vonn. I am ready for all naughty text messages, for slave, sissy training, ownership, kink, and fun. Just select the package below and drop me an email and we can begin your naughty testing chat today. I am Based In the Uk

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With over 25 years as a Professional Mistress, I have huge experience in BDSM and I love doing it via texting. Texting allows us to let our inhibitions go and my very open mind means there are no limits and no restrictions to what we can discuss and how far our session can be.

Whatever deep, dark fantasy you have I’m ready to take it to the next level and we can go at whatever pace you want.

 Sissy tasks

Kinky humiliating tasks at work

 Outdoor tasks

Shopping fun by text

Fantasy roleplay by sexting

Slave training by texting

Degrading slave tasks

Domination Sex Text Chat

Joi, edge play, Gooning

Chastity Training

And so much more

Humiliation Sex Texting Live With UK Mistress

Uk Phone Sex

Bdsm Sms Sex Chat Texting With Mistress

Whether it’s CBT, SPH, cuckolding, findom, joi, cei, or blackmail, once you pick the package you want just email me and we can get started.

I have vast experience in all areas of BDSM and can be a sweet, sensual Mistress a cruel, demanding Mistress, and everything in between. Let’s start your sexy text messaging, and sext text chats right now. I love to text you when you are at work and give you tasks.

Public humiliation sex text, sms chats, or sissy humiliation tasks, no matter what it is I am waiting to give you the best texting experience from a real person and not a stock image.

Prefer to Phone chat with Mistress Instead?

I’m waiting to hear from you so get in touch now and let’s begin your journey. Check out the packages below, pick the one you want, and let’s get started!

Why Choose Texting For Female Domination?

This option provides an instant way to find a Domme for some Femdom conversation sessions that you can get comfortable with. You can chat anonymously from the comfort of your own home and take things as far as you like.

Whether you want to just chat about your fantasies and fetishes, engage in foreplay, or go all the way to actual bdsm sexting, it opens up a world of possibilities. So slip into something a little more comfortable, and ender the world of female domination by text messages.

Adventure and excitement are just a click away. Let your imagination run wild and connect with a willing Dominatrix for an enjoyable, no-strings-attached encounter.

Introduction to Adult Femdom Text Chat

Time to Get dominated!
Bdsm text chatting is a naughty way to connect with that special Mistress when you can’t be together in person.

Through messages and unlimited imagination, you can heat things from anywhere using just your phone.
To get started, find a private place and make sure you’re in the mood. Be naked or dressed in your sluttiest sissy clothes. Be as open-ended questions about your desires and fantasies to get the best experience.

Hardcore Domination Text Chat


Describe what you like most, what turns you on, and what areas of female domination interest you the most

The best part about femdom text chat is it can continue as long as you like. Whether for 15 minutes or hours, it allows you both to relax through shared fantasies and verbal play. So buy the package that suits you best and let’s begin.

Release any inhibitions and go with the flow – you just might be surprised how much fun it can be! With some creativity and enthusiasm, you’ll be heating screens in no time. So charge your phone, get those fingers flying, and let the Domination texting begin!


The Appeal of Sexy SMS Messaging and Sexting

The Thrill of Naughty Texting

Sexting and SMS adult femdom chat is scandalously fun and liberating! Trading femdom texts with a Mistress is a great way to spice up your day and stoke the fires of passion, even from a distance.

Sometimes you are just too shy to talk on the phone, or you have company around or perhaps you just want to explore a little first before a phone call with a Mistress.

If this describes you then I have the ideal service for you. From slave tasks, assignments, chores, humiliation, degradation, strapon and anal play, findom, spanking, cbt, and sissification, the list is endless.  I cover all fetishes, fantasies, roleplays, and taboos

Here are a few more reasons to use the Sexting  – Texring service in the Uk

• It’s convenient. No need to coordinate schedules or commute – just whip out your phone and start sexting whenever the mood strikes! A few exchanges can heat things in a flash.

• It’s private and discreet. You can comfortably explore your fantasies without fear of judgment or embarrassment. No one except the Dominatrix has to know what naughty ideas you’re suggesting via SMS sex text – it’s your private escape into fantasy.

• It’s playful and fun. Sexting allows you to tap into your flirty, uninhibited side and just enjoy some female dominance with an open-minded Mistress who will put you firmly in your place

Ready to start texting up a storm? Dive right in by describing what you’re wearing (or not wearing!), sharing a fantasy, or proposing a roleplay scenario to act out. Let your imagination run wild, and don’t be afraid to get graphic – the more descriptive the better! Unleash your sultry side through sexting today. Your Mistress will be thrilled by your enthusiasm and creativity that she can play off of!

Tips for Safe and Fun Sexting
Have Fun With It!
Sexting should be playful and exciting. Let your submissive, mischievous side come out to play! Use play-on words to set the mood. The options are endless – you can role-play different scenarios, reveal fantasies, or describe what gets you off and gets you going. Release your inhibitions and get creative!

•Tease and tantalize. Describe how you’re touching yourself and what you wish they were doing to you. Leave nothing to the imagination.

•Use props. Have things to use on yourself to add some excitement. Slip into your sluty sissy lingerie or role-play an outfit. The visuals will drive you wild!

•Talk dirty. Discuss your secret desires and fantasies. The racier the better! Use explicit language to portray what you want Mistress to do to you. Are you ready to be her cock sucker? Her Fagoot, Her sissified pimped-out slut?

BDSM Sexting should leave you feeling thrilled, exhilarated, and connected. Don’t be afraid to express what truly turns you on. Discover new sides of your sexuality and strengthen the bond with someone special. Happy sexting!

Where to Find Sexting Chat Partners in the UK

Oh, the thrill of finding a Mistress for some cheeky femdom sexting! There are plenty of ways to connect with open-minded Dommes in the UK for a sexy chat. The options today are endless, so you’re sure to find someone who shares your interests.

Adult chat rooms and forums
Anonymous chat rooms and forums are perfect for finding a sexting partner. Websites designated specifically for “adult” chat rooms where people openly discuss their sexual interests. Create a username, pop into a room that intrigues you, and join in the racy conversation. Exchange private messages with anyone who catches your eye.

Live cam chat
If you want to take things up a notch, live cam chat is the way to go. Y can video chat live with strict Dommes and even other horny viewers. Start sexting in the chat feature and if there’s chemistry, you can take things private for a steamy one-on-one cam session. The possibilities are endless!

SMS text services
Some companies offer SMS text services for sexting and phone chat. Send flirty messages to a variety of UK-based numbers advertised on their site. Sexting over SMS allows you to engage in naughty chat anonymously from your mobile phone.

Prices range from 50p to £1.50 per message. There are lots of popular bdsm text services or you can get in touch with Mistress Vonn right here for a personal 1 to 1 text exchange. I offer a personalized service, not a premium rate service. You can be in control of your credits. I am a real person, not a stock image.

So don’t be shy – dive right in and start searching for your perfect sexting partner. There are endless options for connecting with dominant women, so you’re sure to find someone who makes you blush! Happy bdsm sexting!

How to Have Hot Sexting Sessions With a UK Mistress
You’ve found yourself a naughty UK mistress who wants to sext, so now it’s time to turn up the heat! Sexting with an experienced Domme is the perfect way to explore your kinky side from the comfort of your own home. Follow these tips to have the hottest sexting session possible:

Be descriptive
Describe exactly what you want to do and have them describe what they’d do to you. The spicier the details the better! Talk about how a paddle feels on your backside, what clothes or outfits you like to wear, what turns you on, and what fetishes you have. Leave nothing out and include everything so you have the absolute best session possible.
Use sexy language and trigger words

Words have the power to turn us on, so use racy, explicit language in your sexts. Call me ‘Mistress’ or ‘Goddess’ and refer to yourself as my ‘slave, sissy, whore, bitch cuck, loser, etc’. Discuss your ‘pussy’ or ‘cock’ and all the dominant things you want them to do to you or submissive things you want to do to them.

Sexting is the perfect time to try on a submissive new persona!
Play out fantasies
Sexting is a chance to explore your wildest fantasies. Discuss role plays you’d like to act out together like teacher/student, boss/secretary or anything else that ignites your passion. Let your creativity run wild – the kinkier the fantasy the more fun you’ll have with your!
Keep practising
The more you sext the more comfortable and skilled at it you’ll become. Sexting with a mistress, in particular, allows you to gain valuable experience expressing your sexuality that you can then bring into your real-world encounters. So set up another naughty chat with your domme soon – your sex life will thank you!

Discover a naughty new way to connect with open-minded adults. What are you waiting for? This discreet and exciting form of communication can spice up your day and ignite your imagination. Give it a go – you have nothing to lose and a world of pleasure to gain.

Tap into your adventurous side and unleash your flirtatious spirit. Whether you’re in a relationship or single and ready to mingle, sexting and sex chatting are thrilling ways to explore your sexuality from the comfort of home.

The possibilities are endless when you connect with like-minded strangers. Take a walk on the wild side today – your secret is safe with us!


1)Will my credit be carried forward if I don’t use all my text messages in one day?

Yes, I will keep track of how many messages you send and if you have not used them all I will carry them to the next time you want to use them. Please note I do expect you to use them within 3- 4 days. You can also add them to another package should you decide to top up.  

2) How can I pay?

You can pay via wish tender, amazon vouchers, or bank transfer

3) Are you the person in the pictures?

Yes, I am indeed, I am not a stock image. This is a private 121 session between you and I, not a premium rate service.

4) Will you be texting me spam messages after the session is finished?

I know the premium rate services send you text messages to try and bring you back again to their service, this is a way of marketing for them.

I also know how annoying it is. You have my word I will never text you out with our selected time. I also expect this same level of discretion and privacy from you. I do not spam you to buy more credits, I won’t text you out with an arranged slot.

5) Can I buy some used panties, tights, and socks before a text session?

Yes you can indeed watch out for my new page coming  that will be selling all of these things