Review of Mistress Vonn

Review of Mistress Vonn

Why Mistress Vonn is wonderful and I truly hope I can do her the justice that she so richly deserves as she has transformed my life and is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.


I’m not a poet. I wish I was. My limited writing ability and style is based on dry dull and boring papers on Comets, Interstellar dust, and Binary star systems for my astronomy course work.


But for someone as wonderful as Mistress Vonn I will try and make an exception and use emotion rather than logic and I hope I do not overstep the mark.


There is Mistress Vonn the beautiful strict and domineering Mistress who must be obeyed without question and who treats me fairly but with no mercy.

Then there is also the equally beautiful person who I hope I can call my friend who is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

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Firstly if I may, a few words about the Person

She is like the most beautiful girl in school who you could only gaze at from afar and you dreamed of one day being able to pluck up the courage to even talk to her.

She is without a shadow of a doubt the most amazing and stunningly beautiful woman I have ever seen.

However, she has not only stunning looks but has a personality to match and is one of the most outgoing and friendly people I have ever had the luck to meet.

When I was struggling badly looking after my poor sick dog she kept me going with her friendly emails of support and kind words and after I lost him she was a tremendous comfort to me.

Before the session starts I have so much fun in her company. She is so funny and interesting and I could talk to her for hours and hours. I still have my usual neurosis when confronted by a beautiful woman and I find it difficult to maintain eye contact but this is a great compliment I hope to her.

I have made eye contact enough to notice how amazing her eyes are they are such a delicate shade of blue that sometimes they look grey and green.

Her hair is always gorgeous and looks stunning when tied up in a ponytail and when she loosens it and lets it fall down I am reminded of a Hollywood starlet.


You see I would be more than happy to be in her company all day with no need for any mention of a session. I have so much fun and the time just seems to stand still when we are talking.

Anyone who loves dogs and is an animal lover is immediately liked by me as it shows a person of kindness and great compassion.

I just wish I wasn’t so very far away I still lived in Glasgow as I would be able to meet up as a friend for lunch or even better go for a walk with our dogs.


Now Mistress Vonn The Mistress

When I decided to try and fulfill a lifelong fantasy I had no idea how to go about it.

I typed into the google search engine ‘Glasgow Spanking mistress’.

The first hit was a website for Glasgow dungeon.

There were six mistresses in total on the website.

I am sure the others are very good but Mistress Vonn immediately stood out a mile for me.

She was by far the most stunning looking and I could see in her session pictures the wicked glint of fun in her eyes and smile.

I knew right away if I was going to do this I so much wanted Mistress Vonn to be in control of me. There was clearly no other one for me.

During a session, I am always stunned by how quickly Mistress Vonn takes control of proceedings.

Her voice is clear concise and demands to be immediately obeyed you have no choice even if you wanted to.

From the moment she taps the hairbrush on her legs and then motions with her finger for me to come forward to start my punishment session I am totally in her control and I have no doubts that the session is going to be very severe indeed.

All my inhibitions are left at the door I immediately get involved in the session and this is due to the dominance and skill of Mistress during the roleplay.

I now realize that it is not about me but more about pleasing Mistress. I get so much out of knowing she is happy.

Despite the pain, I feel while being spanked or caned the pleasure I get from hearing the joy in Mistress’s voice and laugh at my discomfort more than makes up for it.

Mistress Vonn makes sure that every session is different and she has a wicked way of making things as uncomfortable as possible for me and has an almost supernatural ability to know how exactly to humiliate me to almost tears even before the session starts.

Now I am under her long-distance control it gives her even more scope to keep me in check by way of lines and essays like this one.

No other Mistress can possibly compare to the experiences I have had with her and I do not want to even contemplate any other Mistress as all will surely pale into insignificance.

I am so very lucky that Mistress Vonn finds me worthy of her attention. Every day I am in her command is a blessing and I keep reminding myself of that.


I can only hope that I continue to please her and she allows me to be a small part of her life for many years to come.

Thank you, Mistress Vonn

Sissy Joan Bridges