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Sissy Joan 2015 On Mistress Vonn

Yes during the four real-time sessions I have been lucky enough to have with Mistress Vonn I have learned a few things about how the session is going and more importantly where the session is going. These things have not been apparent to me until it is too late to do anything about them but I suppose that is part of the fun for Mistress Vonn and of course the unpleasantness for me.

I am no expert in body language though I am very interested in psychology and believe it to be an integral part of psychoanalysts and an experienced psychologist* can read different body language movements and connect them to the emotions being felt by the individual at the time.

I am sure Mistress Vonn knows a lot more about the subject than I do and I am convinced she uses this before in mind games and during sessions with me. Mistress Vonn has my number make no mistake about that. Just when I think I know where she is going with a session or with a punishment exercise or humiliation she moves the goalposts and shows again that I am a novice and not in the same league as her.


I know the obvious when Mistress Vonn grabs me by the ear and throws me over the cage I know that the next few minutes are not going to be very pleasurable.*

Also when Mistress Vonn orders me to roll a dice to pick a random number which will then correspond to a random punishment written on a numbered piece of paper I think it is pretty easy to tell by her laughter that I am not going to like what I discover in unfolding the piece of paper**


*For me of course, not for Mistress Vonn who judging by her laughter is having a great time at my expense.

** I of course refer to the infamous swap where I was offered the chance to change twenty of the hairbrush for possible lesser punishment. The lesser punishment turned out to be one hundred of the strap. Oh, how we laughed. Well one of us did!


So here are what I think are some of the small telling signs that I am going to be in trouble or even more trouble than I am already in during a session.


In no particular order


I always think a woman’s crowing glory is her hair. Mistress Vonn’s hair is truly amazing.

The removal of the scrunchies from Mistress Vonn’s hair usually means big trouble.

Now don’t ask me why but the punishment always seems to be administered harder when Mistress Vonn removes her ponytail.

There is no logical reason for this I don’t think in any way having her lovely hair tied back in any way makes it harder to lay on the punishment. Maybe it is for me a psychological thing that Mistress Vonn is getting loser in some way and is going to be able to thrash me much more severely.

During the last session, I couldn’t help noticing due to the full-length mirror in front of me how beautiful Mistress Vonn looks while she was caning me. Yes even though the severe pain of a ferocious black cane thrashing I couldn’t help being overawed but the sight of Mistress’s lovely long blonde hair flowing as she administered the punishment. Makes me feel all poetical which I do not think is the usual reaction of any other of Mistress Vonn’s subs while being caned.*


The rolling up of the sleeve of the blouse. As I must always be honest with Mistress Vonn I have to admit that this excites me as much as it frightens me. Unlike the reasons for the removal of the scrunchie I do think the rolling up of the sleeve is an actual help in administering any implement with more force.

I have nothing to back this up with other than my experiences during a session but I am sure that Mistress Vonn always makes sure I am watching her as she carefully unbuttons the sleeve of her blouse and rolls the material up her arm to above the elbow. To the best of my knowledge, this has never been done while I am over her knee or bent over the cage and unable to see it happening.

When I see this I am both very scared and very excited. Mistress Vonn positively radiates strictness and power at the best of times with me. When I see her sitting or standing there and then she without saying a word slowly starts to roll up her sleeve I honestly go weak at the knees. This is usually followed with a practice stroke in the air with the hairbrush or cane or whatever implement Mistress Vonn is holding just to let me know what the sound is like and to give me some sort of idea of how hard the strokes are going to be.

As I said I am sure it is deliberate but then again as Mistress Vonn has me reduced to a quivering jelly of a mental state I cannot be certain.


A small smile then a glint of a sparkle of the eyes usually means something is going to happen. This is harder for me to spot as I have stated before when I am in the presence of an attractive woman my neurosis kicks in and I am unable to make eye contact. When I am in the presence of as beautiful a woman as Mistress Vonn this neurosis is even worse.

However, I make a huge effort to make eye contact and smile at the same time as I know Mistress Vonn likes me doing this. I notice this happening especially at the end of a session for some reason. Maybe it is because I am being lulled into a false sense of security and I think the worse of the session is over.

It usually starts with an innocent quote from Mistress Vonn about wanting to give me an extra 30 strokes of the black cane for luck to send me on my way*

I foolishly of course try and talk my way out of it even though this tactic never has worked before or never will work in the future.



* I have still to figure out how the luck comes into this statement. Maybe it is lucky that Mistress Vonn didn’t decide to make it fifty strokes of the black cane. I would ask Mistress Vonn but no doubt that would be considered cheek and I would get extra punishment for it.


The fake stroke of an implement towards a target area is more of a way of reading my body language but I think it applies in this instance as well.

I try so very hard to be still and take my punishment like a man* but as the pain increases this is very difficult. Now again I have very little evidence to back this up only going by my instincts and the small clues that I get from watching back the videos of the sessions.

Mistress Vonn must be able to tell from the marks on my bottom which part is particularly sore. However, I also tend to give the game away by jumping and flinching as I anticipate the next stroke. Especially when Mistress Vonn rubs the implement over my bottom. Then I usually flinch as it touches a tender spot. This of course means that that particular spot is singled out for special attention and I am in for some serious painful punishment.

Again I know this is going to happen I tell myself not to do it but when you are being punished by Mistress Vonn these things are not easy to do.


*Rereading that sentence I notice that it is quite ironic really as when you are dressed head to toe like a girl and having a hissy fit like a little spoiled bratty madam being a man is one of the last things on your mind.

A small quiet laugh can also be a telltale sign that I am not going to enjoy what is going to happen.

During the overnight session, an incident occurred that made me realize right away I was in a whole lot of trouble. Mistress Vonn had me bent over the chair and was preparing to cane me with I think the number two cane. A fearsome and thick cane with very little gives it in which is second only to the black cane for sheer pain. Perhaps that is where it gets it came from?

Mistress Vonn leaned over me holding me down and asked how many strokes I thought I deserved.

I had to think over my answer very quickly as Mistress Vonn does not like a delay in reply as this is considered disrespect in her book.

I tried hard to think of a number as high as possible that would please Mistress Vonn whilst I have to admit would be as painless as possible for me.

I suggested 16 which I thought were more than enough.

This got the small laugh which was a tell-tale sign I was in trouble and then I got a caning like never before. Unlike every other punishment, I was not told how many strokes I would get I just had to keep counting them out aloud and thanking them for each stroke. I was in tears by the time I reach my figure of sixteen and was howling by the time it stopped at I think thirty-six. However, I think I have learned from this and the next time I am asked I will double the original figure I was going to suggest.

Of course, I suspect the next session Mistress Vonn will have more surprises in store for me.