About Mistress Vonn

 About Mistress Vonn


I have been an online Mistress for over 20 years now and was one of the first Cam hosts on Adultwork, ( using a second profile now as I deleted my old one when I left and came back again) I remember a fellow Cam girl back in the days of the yahoo chat rooms, when we had the pay to play, rooms and PayPal was ok with adult) ( so long ago) trying to convince me to join Adultwork ( Hello Kaz Buckley) but when I looked at it, it looked like an empty dead site ( wow how things have changed!)

You can also get me here ( CLICK FOR NUMBER) –  on this premium rate number which is cheaper than other lines you may know me from. 75p a minute. Call Mistress Vonn Now. You can also pay by credit card if better and the rate is £1.30 a minute Or enjoy Caller cam  With me****** Check if I am Online**


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I was also one of the lucky ones to be on Ifriends at the beginning when cams were just a new thing and managed to make a killing from it as well as Camcontacts, Keen ( niteflirt now), and many many other cam sites that now no longer exist.

So I have many years of experience under my belt in the art of Kink and Fetishes and online cam and phone sessions. You will never shock me or catch me off guard with any kink or roleplay because trust me, I have heard them all.

I was known as many names over the years from  Angeltel, Ukmistresslive, Ukmistress, and Mistress Vonn ( when doing pro-domme)

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I come and go a lot online, but those of you who know me, know I always venture back at some point. I am so happy &lucky that my subs, slaves, and sissy sluts just pick up again where we left off 

I spent many years also as a Pro – Domme Working from the Glasgow Dungeon ( which has closed now, sadly). however, I decided I wanted to set up a place of my own, which I did, and I continued with my real-time sessions for three years from a domestic setting until I hung my whip up.

I no longer do real-time; however, never say never; this is something that pops up often for me, and something I may pursue again in the near future.

I am pretty much old school when it comes to BDSM and Discipline, and that will always show when we session/chat together.

phone domination


I also live this lifestyle and have a partner who is not only my sub but can switch to help me dominate my sissy girls, losers, and cucks; he is very good at being a Master to them, but will always be my sub at home.

I am lucky that throughout all  these years I still have my regular following of subs and sissy girls who have always stayed in touch with me and continue to session with me and ones who are yet to find out I am back online again ( can’t wait for that!)

I have been back and forth over the years but had disappeared for 5 years to set up other Businesses and am now back enjoying my other passion which of course is BDSM.


The Other Part

I spend a lot of my time running and maintaining my numerous other Adult Businesses and a few Mainstream businesses and will always continue to do them in the background. I am a huge believer in not having all my eggs in one basket and not building all my sandcastles on the one beach

 I have over 150 Domains that are all active and part of some other adult businesses I own, so in between my phone chats, I am constantly building either new sites or developing old ones. So I don’t have time to sit chatting all day on skype or playing ping-pong emails.

I am also a very active Adult Webmaster and have won many prizes from Imlive for being a top webmaster ( affiliate) & coming first on several occasions for the highest volume of sales. 

So where can you find me then?

Let’s start with the phone side, as that’s what I am doing most of these days; however, I will get back to camming at some point, as well as some accurate times.


Adult Work

Just these three above for now

But I will be back on Adult work, Camcontacts, Adultcamchatters, and a few European sites I have always cammed from in the past, as well as all of my private skype and discord sessions.

A little More Info about Mistress Vonn

I am a huge animal lover and am the happy owner of 4 labradors and a Great Dane. 

I enjoy the Law of attraction and believe you attract what you think about

I love Swimming, especially outdoors

I  enjoy everything to do with SEO ( search engine optimization) and attend seminars on it. 

Huge fan of crime dramas

Prefer Indian food to Chinese