Mistress Vonn Poem

 To Mistress Vonn – Poem about spanking

It’s session day I’m really scared

For I know my bottom bared

With feeling the anger of mistress wrath

The punishment dispensed with a laugh

Mistress Vonn smiles and is ready

Her azure eyes hold me steady

Now there is no time to wait

I must go and accept my fate

Mistress is a goddess divine

Her blonde hair glistens and it shines

Like an angel fallen from above

Who I adore and truly love

I’m stripped naked to my shame

As Mistress says that I’m to blame

Spanking to my cheeks she will deliver

The tears will flow just like a river

Ashamed and humbled standing bare

Panties are then put on with care

Then I loudly start to complain

As if it will stop the coming pain

Next a dress so short and tight

It could be for a lady of the night

A black wide belt around the waist is clasped

‘’Far too tight’’ I say with a gasp

Each item is chosen with attention

And added to my growing tension

On my wrist, a ladies watch of gold

To remind is time to do as I’m told

As if it wasn’t bad enough

A girly blouse with lacy cuffs

And a pair of high heels with ankle straps

When I walk in them I will collapse

A long brown wig to finish off

Mistress says with a scoff

‘’You look like a girl all the boys will like

Because you are the office bike’’

Mistress Vonn says ‘You were warned ‘

‘About your fits so hissy’

But is hard not to pour on scorn

When you’re dressed up like a sissy.

To stand there in your skirt and heels

And hear your Mistress laugh

As masculinity slowly away peels

And your manhood shortens by a half.

Dragged by the ear into the room

I sense a fear of growing doom

The hairbrush on the table waits

It’s time to submit to my fate

I’m ordered over Mistress lovely legs

With my bottom nicely presented

‘Not the hairbrush’ she hears me beg

But the spanking cant be prevented

The shame the humiliation is hard to bear

But Mistress says she does not care

‘Your pain is not my problem’ she sneers

As you begging falls on deaf ears

Only ten strokes and it starts to hurt

But that is only over the skirt

Mistress lifts it up with ease

Spanking harder ignores my pleas

As the hairbrush is misused

Your bottom is blistered and bruised

As the pain starts to get worse

You feel like calling for a nurse

Then the moment of despair

As panties are lowered with some flair.

It’s the part that really rankles

As they go down to the ankles

As the pain begins to heighten

Around my waist Mistress grip tightens

There no escape from what’s to come

A spanking till I’m swollen numb

Mistress says’ Don’t think I have forgotten’

‘The hair brushing is just the opening shot’

‘If you think your pain is done’

‘It hasn’t it has just begun’

The thrashing is more keenly felt

When Mistress uses my girlfriend’s belt

The leather cracks and hits the spot

I’m crying again it hurts a lot

The session continues with corner time

The humiliation is all mine

Mistress scolds her voice composed

My hands-on head and red bottom exposed

It’s time for the strap to make its mark

The pain new heights will embark

‘100 strokes’ said with a smile

Then administered with some style

My hands do not escape the fun

For the punishment is not done

The tawse so thick and used so calm

For twelve stinging strokes across my palms

The allegations leveled are pure smut

As mistress continually calls me a slut.

‘Kimberley you’re not just flirty’

‘You’re a tart and cheap and dirty’

‘Bending over in the office as the tea you pour’

‘Just like a street walking whore’

‘You’re not being helpful or being kind’

‘Your want to be taken from behind’

For my tantrums, I pay a price

A game of chance played with dice

I roll it and it comes up four

That means 50 cane strokes are in store

The cage I bend over and exposed

I start to shudder at the blows

Made to count each stroke aloud

Hurting so bad my mind it clouds

The cane snaps  after a fearsome stoke

Across my reddened cheeks it broke

‘I don’t know why your crying Kimmy’

‘The cane I used was only flimsy’

To finish off the fiber whip

Which slashes hard across my hips

Maximum pain does succeed

Hurts so much and makes me bleed

A day of pain yet full of fun

As I survey the damage done

I’m pleased with all the bright red strokes

And memories for days they will evoke